Dr. C. Barr Taylor, M.D.


Meet the Team

Dr. Elsa Rojas-Ashe, Ph.D

Training Director for iAIM EDU

Dr. Naira Topooco, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Katherine Taylor Lynch, Psy.D., MPH

Associate Director

Dr. Josef Ruzek, Ph.D.


Dr. Joseph Bankman, J.D., Psy.D.

Associate Director

Dr. Shiri Sadeh-Sharvit, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Training

Dr. Charles (Chip) Benight, Ph.D.

Associate Director

Alina Kurland, Psy.D.

Associate Director for Service Innovation

Alina can be reached at akurland@paloaltou.edu

William (Billy) Chan, M.S.

Psy.D. Student

Billy can be reached at waiching@stanford.edu

Alisha Saxena, M.A.

Psy.D. Student

The alumni of the Center include Tess Brown, Rachael Flatt, Neha Goel, Maria Ocampo, Tierra Shumpert, and Erin Soares.

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