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Programs Director: Rachael Flatt, B.S.

Rachael currently serves as the Programs Director and works on several projects through Stanford University and Palo Alto University. She primarily serves as the Project Manager for the Healthy Body Image Study under the direction of Dr. Barr Taylor (Director) and Dr. Denise Wilfley at Washington University in St. Louis. Prior to joining the m²Health team, Rachael graduated from Stanford University in June, 2015 with a bachelor's degree in Biology and a minor in Psychology. Rachael also placed 7th in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in ladies figure skating, and was the 2010 US National Champion and the 2008 World Junior Champion. She retired from competitive skating in 2014 during her junior year at Stanford, and continues to play an active role in the skating community serving on multiple committees for US Figure Skating and teaching seminars worldwide. Her long-term interests include furthering the field of mobile mental health technology through program optimization, implementation of stepped-care models, and selectively targeting and providing personalized treatment to at-risk populations, including athletes. She will be starting graduate school at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill in the fall of 2018.