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Healthy Body Image Project Manager: Neha Goel, B.A.

Neha previously served as the Project Manager of the Healthy Body Image Study, a large-scale, NIMH-funded eating disorders intervention trial that is currently being implemented at 28 universities across the United States by researchers at Palo Alto University, Stanford University, and Washington University in St. Louis. Before joining the m²Health team, Neha received two bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and American Studies from the University of California, Berkeley in May 2015. Currently, Neha is attending Virginia Commonwealth University for her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Under the auspices of Dr. Suzanne Mazzeo, Neha hopes to contribute to the eating disorder research literature by examining the similarities and differences in eating disorder symptom presentation across different racial and cultural groups, assessing the role of social media in the etiology and maintenance of eating disorder pathology, and incorporating cultural competency into clinical practice.