The purpose of the Center for m²Health is to develop, evaluate and disseminate new ways to use technology and to help provide affordable, accessible, evidence-based mental health care to large, defined, populations. We are proud to work with collaborators across the world - from North America and Europe to Asia and Australia - on advancing the field of mobile mental health technology. 

Current Projects

In Press

Check out a recent article in The California Sunday Magazine highlighting our Healthy Body Image Study and Dr. Barr Taylor!

Kass AE, Balantekin KN, Fitzsimmons-Craft EE, Jacobi C, Wilfley DE, Taylor CB. (in press). The economic case for digital interventions for eating disorders among college students. International Journal of Eating Disorders. 

Kuhn, E., Kanuri, N., Hoffman, J. E., Ruzek, J. I., & Taylor, C. B. (in press). A randomized controlled trial of the PTSD Coach app with community trauma survivors. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.



The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) recently released a free and confidential online screening tool, which Dr. Barr Taylor and our collaborators at Washington University in St. Louis helped to develop. We had over 36,000 people take our screen in the first week! Check it out here!

Dr. Shiri Sadeh-Sharvit is working with the American Psychological Association to develop a webinar and continuing education course on integrating technology into clinical practice. 

All three submitted abstracts from the Healthy Body lmage Study have been accepted at the 2017 International Conference on Eating Disorders in Prague. Look for our team there!