United States

Institute for Global Mental Health (IGMH) at Palo Alto University, William Froming, PhD, Director.

Institute for International Internet Interventions for Health (i4Health) at PAU,  Ricardo Munoz, PhD, Director.  

Stanford University various investigators, including Joe Bankman, JD, PsyD, Professor of Law and Business, Mickey Trockel, M.D., PhD, who is developing anxiety reduction/stress management programs for law schools.

Dissemination and Training Division at National Center for PTSD: Josef Ruzek, PhD, director; Erik Kuhn, PhD; in charge of app development.  Dr. Ruzek is Co-Director of the mHealth Institute. 

Penn State University Major collaborator, Michelle Newman, PhD, Professor of Psychology.  Focus: anxiety disorders, big data, college/university interventions. 

Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri. Major collaborator, Denise Wilfley, PhD, is a long-time collaborator and is Co-Pi on the Using Technology to Improve the Treatment of Eating Disorders grant.  


Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia.   Joanne Williams, PhD. Dr. Williams just completed a large study evaluating StayingFit-Weight loss.  As a co-principal investigator with Dr. Taylor, we are assisting with writing up results of the study.

University of Melbourne, Centre for Health Equity in the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health. Major collaborators: Brian Oldenburg, Director; Adrienne O’Neil, Assistant Professor.  Out collaboration focuses on population-based, technology driven cardiovascular risk reduction. Dr. Taylor is a Co-Pi been/is a collaborator on many of their grants.


Dresden University of Technology/iCare, Dresden, Germany.  Major Collaborator, Corinna Jacobi, PhD, Professor. Dr. Jacobi is the Principal Investigator of iCare,  a large, long-term, multinational study funded by the European Commons to examine the effectiveness of internet based affordable, accessible, evidence-based care for a number of mental health problems. Dr. Taylor is the Senior Scientific Advisor.  The aim of ICare researchers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, the UK and the Netherlands is to establish a comprehensive model of promoting mental health in Europe by implementing Internet-based interventions. The ICare online platform encompasses evidence-based risk detection, disease prevention, and treatment facilitation for common mental health disorders. ICare is designed to improve existing healthcare models, open new access paths and overcome traditional implementation barriers. ICare addresses several main goals of the EU health policy: Improving the quality of health care, improving access to health care, improving effectiveness and acceptance of eHealth tools.

Leuphana University, Berlin, Germany. Major Collaborator, Burkhardt Funk, PhD. Dr. Funk is a professor of business informatics and teaches in economics and data science. Our collaboration focuses on analyzing the data from our Healthy Body Image Study and the development of new grants.


BITS Pilani, Goa Campus.  Major Collaborator, Abhijit Nadkarni, DPM. Dr. Abhijit has worked with our team closely on the Mana Maali project in India.