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Director: Dr. C. Barr Taylor, M.D.

Dr. Taylor is a Research Professor and Director of the Center for m²Health at Palo Alto University. Dr. Taylor is Professor of Psychiatry (Emeritus) at Stanford University, where he worked for over 35 years as a Researcher, Educator and Clinician. His work has focused on developing and evaluated cost-effective, often technology based approaches to prevention and treatment of mental health disorders and medical risk factors. Among other accomplishments he has identified risk factors for eating disorders and developed on-line prevention interventions, and more recently he has developed and is evaluated integrated, on-line programs to both prevent and treat eating and anxiety disorders. He has had continuous funding from NIH and other granting agencies for nearly forty years. He was in charge of the quality assurance program for the VA’s training program to train clinicians in CBT, for depression and insomnia and ACT for depression. Through this work, he has helped train over 2000 clinicians. He is one of the chief scientific advisors for eCare, a large international collaboration based in Europe to evaluate on-line interventions for a number of problems and he also collaborates with many investigators in the US and Internationally. He has published over 340 scientific articles and 11 professional books.