OUR MISSION is to develop and evaluate new ways to use technology to help provide affordable, accessible, and evidence-based mental health care to large populations. In particular, we are interested in affecting positive health and mental health change in large, defined, and at-risk populations in addition to providing training and education related to this effort. With partnerships at leading institutions around the world, we are able to develop unique programs and deliver them through mobile technologies to those who need it most.

One of our primary goals is to develop, improve, and implement technology-based, guided stepped-care programs for the most prominent mental health illnesses across college campuses in the US and worldwide. With the advancements in mobile mental health technology, we hope to provide transdiagnostic screening tools alongside personalized and guided programs for anxiety, trauma, depression, eating disorders, stress, substance abuse, and suicide prevention. Students are creating our future, and we want to optimize their ability to do so by attending to their mental health. In creating effective and evidence-based tools and programs for student populations, we are able to adapt and implement these materials through sustainable models relevant to populations across the world.

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